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Payroll Services

Payroll services

People are important to us 

The human factor is the key to success in any business. Any business venture can face serious obstacles without good specialists and experts. Of course, the good and positive attitude towards them also includes loyal employment relations. And here the Labour and Salary and Human Resources Departments have a key role. During the last years the labour legislation was changed and supplemented many times. The requirements have become extremely high.  This required many businesses to benefit from the professionalism of different firms that offer payroll services, support a professional payroll program and are in regular contact with NSSI, NRA and the regulators.

We can save you not only time but money. The documents required for the personnel of your company will be prepared on the agreed date every month.

Moreover, we offer you the following one-off and subscription services in the field of payroll and personnel:


  • Calculation and preparation of payrolls and payslips;
  • Calculation of income taxes, social security and health contributions-summaries;
  • Submission of declarations Forms 1 and 6, notifications under art. 62 of the Labour Code in the Territorial Directorate of the NRA;
  • Submission of documents for temporary incapacity to work, applications and attachments thereto in the NSSI;
  • Keeping a register of the documents for temporary incapacity to work provided;
  • Preparation of employment agreements, additional agreements, annexes, etc. related to employment relations;  
  • Preparation of employment agreements – accounts for paid sums, official certificates, declarations and other related;
  • Preparation of leave order, orders for termination of an employment agreement/dismissal, official certificates, etc.;
  • Filling of service and social security books;
  • Filling of payment documents for taxes due, social security contributions, etc. to the treasury;
  • Submission of information under art. 73 of the Labour Code;
  • Submission of declaration Form 3 in the Territorial Directorate of the NRA;
  • Submission of notification under art. 123 of the Labour Code;
  • Administration and maintenance of employment records at the office of the Bulgarian Payroll Company;
  • Coordination and preparation of monthly work schedules;
  • Consultations and analyses in connection with Payroll;
  • Collection of documents from an office or a site of the client;
  • Preparation of reports to the company management;
  • Cooperation in case of inspections by the General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency and NRA;  
  • Providing of a personal IBAN for payment of remunerations and social security contributions on behalf and at the expense of the client or the contracting entity;
  • Keeping of electronic archive-scanning and electronic storage of Payroll records.

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